Friday, June 18, 2010

Shiny yet functional

You know how Etsy likes to put shiny things in front of sellers when they fuck up? Well this time the shiny thing is actually useful...if you're selling anything that is.

They've made the Orders(Sold) page (from the left menu of Your Etsy, fifth link under Items) more functional, as described by ericds in this forum announcement:

When you click "Show buyer address and message" we now remember that preference when you return to the page. If you prefer to see the buyer address and message, you no longer need to click that link each time you view your orders.

When you click the buyer username associated with an order, we used to simply send you to the buyer's profile. You now have options! Clicking the username reveals an overlay with links to send a Conversation to the buyer, view the buyer's profile, or view all orders from that buyer. It's now easy to contact a buyer from the Orders page and check if a buyer is a repeat customer.

I was a bit skeptical, but the execution appears clean and managable. Even the show/hide appears to actually remember my preference, even after logging out and back in. For those who like to reward return customers, the new way to view all orders from a buyer is going to make your lives easier. And the direct link to convo a buyer - well, it's about damn time!

We always say we'll give Etsy kudos when they're due, and they do deserve cookies for this...or better yet brownies...who's got the chocolate-flavored ex-lax?!


Oh Please said...


Hello Ian of etsyhacks! Looks like you are sharing your wisdom and hacks with etsy- and lo and behold the cupcakes are ecstatic and dancing down the aisles.

I would actually be impressed if etsy would have done any ONE of these latest things a few years ago, but apparently they needed Ian with a little common sense to say Hey! Sellers can use this and this and this...

The Funny One said...

Really great.........IF you actually SELL anything on Etsy!

LVGJ said...

All of that is just incorporating Hacks from Etsy Hacks into the site proper.

The guy behind EH is now an employee -- seems like he's the only one actually working on anything.

Makes you wonder what the rest of the crack code/software team is doing. Watching the EH guy to see how it's done??

tired etsian said...

Well, knock me over with a feather. Apparently there is at least one person over at Etsy working on the site and not blogging, tweeting and eating all day.

Would be nice to have a means to search within the sold list for a specific item, but this is a nice surprise. Such a rarity for Etsy. So Kudos to the Etsy Engineering/Programer Team.

sark said...

So, basically, like when they widened my "currently for sale page" last month — the reason everyone, their brother, and their dog got error messages all day long yesterday was because they were redesigning a template.

Too bad when they push through an update they couldn't tell sellers beforehand, so that there wouldn't be people wondering what the hell was going on...

You know — like as if they had planned this update.

Whatever the hell it is, it's all well and good. Personally, I've never had a fucking problem keeping my own fucking records, regardless of how their pages are formatted... so, yes, it does boggle my mind when people come to the forums bitching that this or that about the order page is just blowing their mind...

You know, seriously, how hard is it to keep your own god damned records?

It's nice to see something get done, I suppose.

But this really doesn't make up for the colossal mis-step of phone booths with no customer service number.

Cat Power said...

Oh, and they've added another new shiny, a new way to search...and guess's Friday evening!

It actually looks pretty good, and you at least get things that should be in the search. I tried the "surprise me" technique and was amazed to see only digital design pages under digital design!

Thirty-Six Ten said...

meh..... the hacks work much smoother. but I guess its a step in the right direction for those who can't or don't use hacks..

lizzy said...

I have to say I do not find Etsy to be shiny or functional in my book.

This may not be the right place, but I wanted to tell everyone I signed up yesterday with as a Pro member and I am VERY impressed with the site and the studio design (including your own blog). After transferring all of my items from my Etsy store, I put it in vacation mode and don't plan to return to it anytime soon.

And you want more? I had a technical issue with the site as I was building my studio and sent an email to Artfire's customer service dept. and whoa! Only hours later got a return email from them! Add to that the fact that only minutes after uploading my inventory, I got more views in one day that I have the entire 4 weeks I've been on Etsy, and I'm sold.

I see no reason to waste time or listing fees on Etsy anymore, but will keep reading Etsy Bitch just to see what nonsense Etsy is still up to.

In case you can't tell, I HIGHLY recommend Artfire!

NameURL said...

Oh, you'll get plenty of views, alright, but sales? Unless you are selling supplies, don't hold your breath.
We were on Arfire almost from the beginning, and we had the $7.95/month for life plan. We were on Artfire for almost two years, and in that time we had 21 sales.
On Etsy, meanwhile, we had about 500 sales of the same type of items.
Good luck!

Anonymous said...

By now should all of the hacks have just been incorporated into Etsy or did they just hire the hack guy to prevent him from making the site run better?
Ian has been there at least a year, every single hack should just be part of the site instead they're making a fuss when they get finally get one done.

salad said...

I don't really think the new additions match the rest of the site, and some of the positions of the links were kind of hard to discern for me.

I'm hoping for a LOT more from the new design team. I know they can do it - hope the new management gives them reign to remake the site as they see fit.

SuziDoodlleDesign said...

They keep polishing the edges and working on minor improvements, but the whole site needs to be redesigned. Not just made 'wider', rethought - but I know thinking isn't really their strong suit. Flickr just redesigned, maybe rokali and base the new listing pages on what they did (AGAIN)