Thursday, April 29, 2010

OOH Shiny! Random thoughts.

We added that new fangled Facebook like button thingy above the post here. Like us. Or don't. Who the fuck cares, it's only Facebook.

We're not on Facebook perse yet, mostly because none of us have time for a "Facebook Bitch" site.

Speaking of sites, we turn two on May 20. What should we do to commemorate two years of bitching about a website that could give a rats ass about serving it's customers? Send them a lemon pie? Contest for you, our loyal and angry, readers?

More in a few days, but we would love to hear your suggestions!


Anonymous said...

Send cupcakes with unicorn heads. and some kool-aid.

bootsy said...

gee i don't know, post more often?!

The Cranky One said...

we post when there is something to say they've been keeping their heads down as of late.

eatumup said...

I think we should go to etsy's new California office. Looks like they're hiring lots of people for Palo Alto.

West coast cupcakes.

The Funny One said...

Golly gee whiz, golly cupcake, what happened to that off the wall Etsy Merchandising Plan that was touting all things "horsey" and "equestrian" last year at this time?

Did they dump the expensive "merchandising" (woohoo alien from outer space)consultant who couldn't punch his way out of a retail paper bag?

No Derby hats? No pinkies swiping cupcake icing? No promo of completely useless items for $14 and under?

Lodestone and Ladys Mantle said...

Happy birthday, and may your two's be terrible!

(in an Atilla the Hun sort of way)