Monday, March 1, 2010

Another Etsy Paypal Bug

Since Etsy won't email its members about the problem, I wanted to make sure you all know about it.

Paypal payments are going to the wrong sellers in some instances

Etsy's solution thus far:

Other users have been able to work around this issue by communicating with their buyers, the other sellers, and working out separate Paypal payments.
Yep, because what Etsy does best for its sellers is making their businesses more difficult to run.

I'll try to find a way to get you all bandaids after you finish banging your heads against the wall. Giant knitted bandaids with owls and mustaches.


Maggie said...

Seems like a HUGE privacy issue if customer info is going out to random sellers...

Anonymous said...

Etsy is completely fucked.

There is no excuse for this type of thing happening.

Fuck you Rob Kalin and Etsy.

For the amount of money your sellers pay in fees one would imagine you could have a dedicated tech team at Paypal working with you.

Or do you have a Paypal tech team and you just can't straighten out your completely fucked up programming?

Fuck you Etsy.

Anonymous said...

Again with the payment system there. First people couldn't pay, now when they do it goes to the wrong person. Lord.
The sellers are holding Etsy together with what scraps they can muster. Etsy should be paying them for all they do. Worse, they don't acknowledge the problem or sellers who help out.

nuggets said...

that solution is absolutely absurd for something as important as this.

ummmmno said...

And cupcakes too...don't forget those freakin cupcakes..or was that waffles..ack

Actually a problem like this does not surprise me in the least. Etsy cannot keep it together on a daily basis to do what is right for its members. A featured seller who makes toddler grade art, gifts guides that are only missed by those who were constantly massaged by them, and features you don't even get from a privately run website are Etsy's focus...not something this serious.

psttttt said...

Oh please. This is all part of Etsy's plan to JUSTIFY an in-house payment system.

Obviously it has NOTHING to do with paypal and EVERYTHING to do with Etsy's incompetence.

I've never heard of this happening ever on any other selling venue. Ever.

UgaBugaBowls said...

So if I understand this correctly, paypal is getting their fees twice? Once when the money is sent to the wrong person and then again when you work it out with your buyer in order to get paid properly?

If Etsy were providing 1 thing, it would be the means for customers to purchase from sellers online. This is obviously broken. What the hell is Etsy actually providing if not the means for a customer to purchase a product???

How is this an improvement over setting up your own website with a notice saying "paypal me the money with a note about what you want to purchase"

I'm SOOOOO happy all of my stuff finally expired and I'm officially outta there!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like it's a coding glitch on Etsy's side. This is what happens when you leave a business to be run by a bunch of retarded 28yr old gamers that wouldn't know good business practice from the 500lb gorilla in the room if there was a hand knit sign around the gorilla's neck.

Anonymous said...

I was checking the thread because I thought I remembered this issue from earlier, yes the link GreenMamba show was from Dec 18!
If it's a known issue since then, why haven't they fixed it. It's a crucial enough issue, that if they can't fix it, they should at least hire a 3rd party contractor who can probably do the job in a couple days, maybe a week or at least get it started.

Fed Up With Fools said...

Oh my, they're going to have to get out that roll of duct tape again, or is it the WD-40 this time?

Either way it's doggy poo on them!

NeverForgetWhatEtsyForgotAbout said...

They can't properly integrate with Paypal when you're busy having "talks" about internal payment systems, now can you?

Seriously, we're fucked.

I tried to help draw Etsy's "roadmap" the other day, but it kept looking like a giant asterix in between two cheeks.

/ \
( __*__ )
\ | /

I have more faith behind the wheel of my Toyota than I do in any Etsy staff to actually be able to perform whatever their title normally dictates in a normal business.

frustrated said...

Currently dealing with this - originally thought it was a non-paying buyer and almost just canceled the sale.
Unfortunately, it doesn't look like in my buyer's case that the first seller is coming forward about this, and I'm just waiting for the sh*tstorm that happens when she gets her statement.

I can't believe I'm being told to work around this. If I hadn't kept emailing my buyer, she would have gone on thinking she'd paid me and that I simply hadn't shipped her merchandise.

Sunny said...

Ugh, sometimes Etsy I wonder wth you're thinking...ok it's not sometimes it's rather often...

The Funny One said...

Three questions come to mind:
(1) don't you have to actually sell something on Etsy to experience this problem?
(2) don't you have to be a fave seller promoted constantly by Etsy to have any sales at all?
(3) is this happening to all sellers or only non-fave, non-promoted sellers who are lucky enough to actually sell something on Etsy?

Anonymous said...

If they can't figure out paypal who would be crazy enough to let them actually handle the money personally.

Linda said...

The Etsy "handmade" mission is not critical enough to even put a few people per day on staff to guard against resellers or scammers or to guard against processing errors.

They clearly don't see payment disabilities as a big issue, because if they did they would put all their resources into protecting against it. If I can track it in 1 hour per day, they should hopefully do better.

So perhaps that is what Etsy has actually come down to - platforms categorized to sell whatever you think you can sell, and we'll just provide a platform of categories, with no guarantees of payment transfers or support.

At least that would be honest. Rather than advertising that you are artisan handmade while resellers who list by the boatload bump handmade sellers out of the recently listed pages, and bugs and payment glitches go unresolved for 3 months at a time.

Just be what you say you are, and all of us who are looking for sales venues will be able to make our own well-reasoned choices of where to sell (i.e. not on Etsy).

Don't tell us you're one thing, if you're really another. Don't tell use you're a viable handmade artisan marketplace if you're a reseller fleamarket with no seller support.

That's all. Just don't lie to us.

foxaz said...

I stepped back from Etsyville after Christmas. I think I've had 3 sales since December, and Paypal worked fine.
I consider myself lucky - both for the sales (I'm not a fave) and for the payment.

I agree with pssst- it's an evil plot to convince us their f-ing payment system will work. It won't.

Jamy said...

@ fantasyclay

Amen to that. That would be like giving AK47 to a chimp.

The Funny One said...

I second what Linda said, perfect! It's just another consequence of lack of attention from Day 1 about quality control (which seems to be an epidemic)that takes the lazy way out. Sit back on your ass and wait for the "market forces" to even out the score while permanently damaging your core sellers.

Etsy doesn't care, and the new link to 555 lists of seller treasuries on the FP is only one clue to how little Etsy thinks of their shoppers too.

No wonder shoppers aren't getting to the stores to buy stuff! They're stuck on page 1 of 555 lists without any clue about what they are!

Admins may have all the time in the world to play games, but shoppers obviously lost their patience (and interest) somewhere back in March of 2009.

Sheila Wissner said...

I didn't realize until reading the Etsy thread that buyers have to go back and forth between Etsy and Paypal if they put items from more than one shop in their carts. What a nightmare for buyers.

glalala said...

It's really strange. If they can't even keep the IDs of who is getting what for each purchase, how could they POSSIBLY get their own payment system straight?

I bet this is somehow related to seller IDs and emails getting jumbled on the checkout page that lists everything in your cart by seller. Clearly, terrible programming

Jamy said...

I got to thinking about this and I have to say that I'm not so sure that Etsy has done this on purpose. Artfire has had some problems with paypal as well. For starters, Paypal just up and terminated my subscription and automatic payments to them. I went back numerous times and tried to correct the problem and I could not get it set back up. I finally ended up having to set up an automatic payment with my bank account. Fortunately, Kirsten, with Artfire's top notch customer service restored me to my original rates.

Then there was another instance where I paid for an item I purchased at Artfire, using paypal, but it never showed up as paid on my order. I thought maybe I'd made a mistake, but when I looked at my paypal account, sure enough the money had been paid, but they had never sent me. When I wrote to the seller about it, she had never received a notice of payment from them either and obviously nothing kicked in at Artfire to indicate a payment.

That's just a long way of saying that Paypal truly hasn't been up to snuff lately and maybe we shouldn't be so quick to assume Etsy is the culprit (though I agree, the timing is mighty convenient).

That said, I still think it's a TERRIBLE idea for them to try to install an in-house payment system when they can barely handle what they already have on their plates.

RRobin said...

I love Etsy's "Work it out amongst yourselves!" response. So professional!

Anonymous said...

On Artfire, it only shows paid if the buyer clicks return to artfire after paying, a little better than etsy where it marks it paid if the buyer goes to paypal.
Artfire is now integrating paypal to its site. Later it will do Amazon and Google.
But the easiest fix is to do the cart like AF- each buyer is in a different cart. No emptying the cart to just buy from one sellers, each transaction is seperate.

why why oh why said...

The 'work it out yourself' response is the most ridiculous thing I've heard.

So, say someone receives your $200 payment by accident. Are they EVEN under any obligation to return it, legally? I don't think they are. And how the hell are they supposed to know what it is for?

Why is that Etsy goes and goes on for years without seeming to learn anything, improve, mature... that suggestion from lisajune is the same sort of moronic statement we would have gotten in 2006. I guess venture capital can't buy competence.

mekon said...

With Etsy turning a blind eye to this - surely they are stealing from the sellers? (fees.)
Surely they are causing more drama for themselves to "fix up" once both parties cause a stink...?
This is so wrong - and I am so scared.

No joke.
Money/payment/selling/sending = being liable... = big bloody responsibility.

I joined to sell on Etsy because I thought it was SAFE and a NICER environment than eBay.

The lack of patrolling/policing/reinforcing is causing scum-bags to get away with way too much - and for glitches to get out of control, and oh man...

(I'd be more than happy to relocate my store to other places... heck, even eBay is looking like a safer option... gees, did I just say that?)

mekon said...

"Other users have been able to work around this issue by communicating with their buyers, the other sellers, and working out separate Paypal payments."

What the heck are we paying fees for? I know that my Etsy bill can hit into the hundreds of dollars thanks to relisting/renewing/listing/selling...

so Etsy, if you want your sellers to stick around and fork out oodles of coinage to make you rich, THEN FIX THESE PROBLEMS INSTEAD OF GETTING US TO "work around it" - oh my gawd.

I work in fashion retail (in real life, as opposed to virtual) and FAR OUT...
IMAGINE if this sort of crap went down with a major chain store...??

The truth is they'd be onto it in a matter of minutes!
(I know this for a fact; any sales glitch that we have, we are on the blower *phone* to the help desk and they rectify the issue ala pronto!)