Saturday, January 2, 2010

Incompetence at its finest...

Why is she still working at Etsy? Clearly incompetent.

Sock puppet buying out accounts and leaving bad FB? Original account remains. Not cool, Bub.

Yet another reason to not leave feedback until buyer has paid and received the item. It should also be one feedback per ORDER, not ITEM, so that one feedback will not wipe you out.

Way to start the new year out Etsy. Rob, I know you're reading this. This will be a topic of interest at our little chat :D


just bitchy said...

Here's part #1 of the clusterfuck...

watchingithappen said...

And as of 11:00AM 1.2.10 her feed back has still not been fixed and lisajune has still not been trained to read threads before closing.

This is not the only account this has happened too.

Something very big seems to be happening at etsy and it only has a little bit to do with Maria being shown the door.

Did you see the new employee who introduced herself in Rob's thread? hoanko, page 8 Seems she started hours after Maria left. hmmmm.


The BlueBird does not deserve this kind of treatment. None of us do. Is everyone at ETSY still hung over?

The Funny One said...

What's worse is that this is only 1 complaint of countless complaints posted in the forums every day now. Clearly the consequences of NO real CS for 5 years. You have to assume, from all the recent thread locks, that Admins read the first 3 words and go into one of their denial rants, and that takes care of that.

It's obvious sellers are more frustated than ever, same as it's obvious that Etsy isn't listening.

Therefore, "social commerce" can't be built upon a community that you never established, Etsy. And trust can't be fabricated out of behavior that is generally negative towards any seller who complains in the forums because they can't get one damn answer from support@.

Voice said...

Oh, for fuck's sake, would you get it together Etsy? So tired of this kind of crap.

Someone in the know needs to publicize which seller did this to electricbluebird -- there have to be consequences for the behavior, and if Etsy won't apply them, the community will.

whimsiclefuckery said...

stella is such a bitch. Every post she makes includes a snarky little defense of admins (even if they're wrong), and a scolding to the sellers. She addresses complaints by pointing out something that's wrong with the complainer, not by offering up a solution.

And lisajune's been a fool from day 1. Whoever hired her should be banned from any further hiring process, because they clearly don't know how to evaluate professionals.

There were some excellent etsy sellers who applied for that forum moderator job and were denied - one of them told me they were told etsy didn't want to hire a person who was an etsy seller. Funny, lisajune's got her own shop now. So much for that excuse.

Mitaine said...

Ok, which seller did THIS to electricbluebird? They should be kicked out pronto!

foxaz said...

The seller who did this needs to be kicked out of out "Etsy community"

Alphabettispaghetti said...

What for me is really telling in this debacle is just how annoyed other people were on Electricbluebird's behalf. For once, there is very little of that arse-licking "Oh Etsy admin, you are so great!" nonsense. People are just not letting this lie, and I sense a lot of pent up frustration spilling out. I think the worm is turning and Etsy needs to seriously take this on board or risk a serious meltdown!

RocksInMySocks said...

Someone knows who this is. Please share so the rest of us will have a little piece of mind. This is horrible and frightening. Who knows who will be next? I really feel for electricbluebird.

Christen said...

If they can't discuss any private communication, Stellaluna should never have said that she e mailed bluebird. It's tacky and unprofessional.

sickofdumbitches said...

another BITCH IS ALLISON . She isn't worth a shit. I'm so sick of her picking her favorites over and over. You talk to the bitch & she just ignores ya. Great customer service bitch, if you don't like to talk to people find another job

Oh please said...

Would someone please publish the name of the seller that did this? Buyers and sellers need to know what kind of person they may be considering doing business with.

Crocheted Little Things said...

Please share the name of whom did this! It's horrible and it's a shame how admin is reacting to this!

The Cranky One said...

Shhh dont give him any lead time to prepare a evasive answer!

etc said...

Try reading the thread posted in the first comment here. Electricbluebird states who it is.

ohmeohmy said...

The seller's name was "ilovejewelry1" but it was a sock puppet account for a seller. Electricbluebird knows who the seller is but she did not mention it in the thread, other than to say the shop is still open.

Chantelle said...

This situation is totally ridiculous. There's so much fucked up now in bluebird's shop with the wrong number of items for sale and totally fucked up feedback.

Why can't etsy just fix this? How hard can this be? WTF is wrong with them now?

In this post from the thread posted above, electricbluebird said that seller ilovejewelry1 cleaned out the shop, so I assume that was the buyer.

art-and-ghosts said...

This is happening quite a bit, so i hear.
Im an ex etsy member, but a few of my friends are suffering the same issue, which has been going on for a while now.

Somebody opens an account simply to de stock them, then leaves hideous fedback. When this is rectified it happens all over again.

Looks like a serious mess.

RocksInMySocks said...

There's a new thread that just started about the same thing happening to another seller:

forum rubbernecker said...

In this post from the thread posted above, electricbluebird said that seller ilovejewelry1 cleaned out the shop, so I assume that was the buyer.

who is ilovejewelry1, though? Their name needs to be posted publicly. I don't really give a shit about calling out. Someone who knows should do it in the forums.

wiresculptress said...

I closed my Etsy shop Friday. I don't have the time or inclination to deal with, or worry about, bullshit like this. I wonder if the culprit is an Etsy Pet who is being protected.

Cassandra said...

Making up a fraudulent account to pretend to "buy" out someone's shop is an act of malice. It is not something to be condoned.

However, given the way things seem to operate in etsy land and in all off-shoots of etsy, it isn't really a surprise.

Almost everyone on that site at some point or time acts like a villain from Mean Girls.

What amuses me most about this story appearing on etsybitch... is well, this is kind of a story.

Once upon a time, there was someone who stumbled across etsy. She said "wow, cool" and opened a shop. At the very least at first she could get views, and every now and then she got a sale. She wasn't a ninny about it, she had sold before on ebay. She had also worked in retail for years... and well, she knew the deal.

But then, she made the mistake of going to the forums (you know, she had never known there were forums on ebay?)

She found them to be a weird place. While she was still optimistic about the site, but then she read the posts of all these people who didn't seem to understand that treating other adults like they are your children: scolding them, talking down to them, castigating them and mocking them at the same time — that behaviour is a total turn off.

She read posts about hate hearts, about why the forums should be etsy user only or seller only, etc. And she thought most all of these things were asinine, especially the threads about "someone copied me."

Eventually, she started bitching about things that seemed to irritate her. Apparently repeats on the front page was a huge annoyance... but there was another annoyance, although she never said anything about it...

That annoyance was those forum goers who talked down to people, castigated them for daring to be sarcastic — and yet sarcastically mocking those they castigated. This group of people seemed to suffer no wrath from the etsy admin... and yet, the protagonist of my tale got an email from Rob White suggesting that she might have her etsy privileges revoked for daring to suggest that something done by an etsy admin was "stupid". Yes, she dared to call an action stupid.

It was a hilarious email, she forwarded it to me. And, of course, I read her thread.

She was annoyed at the favoritism and at the selective behavior of the etsy admin when it came favoring certain forum posters over others… lisajune was a particular kind of annoyance. It’s one thing to have the admin talk down to you. It’s another entirely to have someone talk down to you who seems to have no command of the English language. With lisajune, apparently homonyms, tense, and contractions were very difficult to master. Do you know how ridiculous it looks when the person castigating you can’t seem to string words together in a sentence? It’s pretty fucking ridiculous.

But there lisajune was, very quick to shut down anyone who dared raise concern about something who didn’t happen to be one of her little favorites.

And my friend, well, she is a bit of an asshole. She’d also be the first to tell you that. Anyway, she dared point this out: lisajune is terrible with grammar. And who was there to come to lisajune’s defense? Take a guess.

Etsybitch took the time to call out someone for making a comment about lisajune’s bad grammar defender.

I read the original comment, which you didn’t publish. I laughed all the way through it, because I’ve read the posts of lisajune’s bad grammar defender, and I think the same thing as my friend. That girl is a ****. But I would never take the time to set up an etsy account to pretend to buy all her crappy paintings. Because that is a kind of malice that neither I nor my friend possess.

Cassandra said...

The unchecked behaviour, the un-unilateral standards on the forums, the clique-ishness of the etsy community as a whole — that is what causes this type of thing to happen.
And seriously, bitches, don’t support bitches who are willing to defend etsy admin like lisajune.

When you’re more content to cannibalize one of your own, you’re really no better than the people you’re decrying.

If everything was a bit more fair, and everyone was a bit more civil (by civil I mean restrained enough to realize that you’re talking to adults and should never talk down to them, or enact the hypocrisy of castigating them with sarcasm for being sarcastic), then things like this wouldn’t happen.

But then, I can already imagine someone arguing for the sake of arguing about some trite BS about life not being fair… but if life was more fair, then this sort of thing would happen less often.

More fair means more unilateral standards. It means etsy admin who admonish not only those they dislike, but also their little friends. Because as long as the fostering of favorites happens from the top on down, you will have situations like this where some pissed off party finds a way to retaliate through the loopholes of incompetence that come with the arrogance of the folks in charge who play favorites.

beenhereawhile said...

While I don't know the specific instance that Cassandra speaks of, I do know Rob W. and other etsy admin who routinely email etsy sellers to "watch their step".

Until Rob (Kalin) admits that the favoritism and unequal playing field exists on etsy,and does something about it, nothing he says means anything.

The first step would be to stop paying Teen Angster to do nothing but tweet links to her etsy favs 8 hours a day. That's not social commerce, that's one of the poorest uses of time and money I have ever seen.

Talk is cheap. I've been here since 2006. My guess is the only change will be far more hip Brooklyn featured sellers. That's the shame of it all.

RRobin said...

Someone should forward all of this to the writer of that dreadfully gushy New York Times article of a fortnight ago, who should in turn print a retraction or hand in his/her press card.

Painted Bull said...

When you do ask about this with Rob, find out why Etsy will not assist in investigations to verify who is responsible, and block them from the site by using their is and can be done.(as other venues have done)
And I see Etsy is making changes:

Why the hell would this be a priority when there is real bad shit like what happened to ElectricBlueBird and the issues with paypal payments from other sellers...and convo bugs.

Hope all that makes sense. I am so disgusted about what happened I am posting in a stream of consciousness sort of way...

The Funny One said...

Expanding on Cassandra's points, RobWhite thinks it's "Site News" to tell sellers they can still be spanked, admonished in public, AND muted going which might even include "suspending privileges" AND you can change your avatar to anything you want! While wearing an Etsy Duncecap in the corner of the room!

Way cool, the bizarre punishments handed out by Etsy in such a willy-nilly way will reinforce the training that lisajune (obviously) got from day one. Piss on sellers when you even think they might be getting "out of hand."

Should we all be posting avatars with tonques&fingers wagging with our thumbs stuck in our ears?

The Etsy Playground just gets sillier and stupider.

PERMA said...

I'd love to change my avatar, but can't because I was perma-muted for calling out Etsy admin. Big no-no-- you don't get a warning for knowing more than they do, even if you tell them politely.
They defend themselves above all else: truth, mistakes, lack of expertise-- it's all something they punish anyone for seeing.
And they don't answer emails notifying them of same, they just bring down the old axe.

PERMA said...

wHOOPS! So now I get to change my avatar. Thanks for letting me know, bitches. You are my only trusted source of info.
And as far as the perma-mute:
I do not miss the forums thanx to The Biatch. More time, less frustration, and less contact with fools is a good thing.

PERMA said...

By the way. What the hell is the good of an avatar if you can't post in the forums, anyway?
None, that's what.

art-and-ghosts said...

i am of the mind that more than one person is doing this. The 'victims' are quite varied, and the ones that i am familiar with have never used the forums or had any dealing with etsy admin. Their personalities differ, as do their products, sales counts and popularity.

until buyers are forced to pay prior to an item being considered sold (like every any respectable site on the internet) this is likely to go on indefinitely, i think.

Jamy Hillis said...

I can't look at your forum links anymore, EB. All that brown-nosing on the threads makes me want to throw up.

Filbert said...

Another one who used two sock puppet names to buy in order to leave immediate malicious FB in revenge for a trade she messed up on. Then admitted it and posted lies in this thread.

The malicious feedback and threats have been removed from her victim and the two sock puppet names deleted.


Not surprising these sock puppet accounts and the trouble they cause are becoming so common.

The latest victim of malicious purchasing to post in the forum

Anonymous said...

They closed 2 of my accounts in one week, 1 for a link I removed in September, the other(buyer account) I have no idea why. I asked they won't answer.
But that is the biggest reason for calling out, the admin don't respond. At least if you email support. I've been on other sites where mentioning transactions, details,etc are allowed and there is no problem. Either Etsy provides immediate follow up and a phone number, or this will continue to happen. If anything the forums should be a place to discuss issues even with admin or other sellers/buyer

RRobin said...

Quoting art-and-ghosts...

"until buyers are forced to pay prior to an item being considered sold (like every any respectable site on the internet) this is likely to go on indefinitely, i think."


Agreed. You can't even use the threat of negative feedback as leverage against non-paying buyers because then the deadbeat will leave it for you, an issue apart from but related to sock-puppet sabotage.

It would be easy top set up a system whereby the item is not removed from your shop until paid for: Amazon marketplace does that.

There should be two steps to buying, not three as there is now.

Two steps would involve

1 - Putting item in cart

2 - Checkout, which means PAYING

As Etsy is now, there is a pointless intermediate step where you enter or verify your shipping address and Etsy tells you how much you owe, but then Etsy's half-assed* process stops there.

*Only thought through halfway, like just about everything else on Etsy.

WindysDesigns said...

Ok, this may be off base, but if I were going to make a sock puppet account to buy someone's shop out, or start any other kind of trouble, I sure wouldn't link my Etsy shop to it. But if I was a real troublemaker, I would make a sock puppet account and link someone else's shop to it because it would stir up a lot of shit.

Mostly because people would be wondering why the shop wasn't shut down. Maybe this is less about starting trouble for the sellers that were bought out and more about making life hell for the shop they linked to.

terrible said...

i made a comment on the storque that was unfavorable. then everything i tried to post after that was "spam". a little note came up "oops! looks like your post is spam" yeah. sure. i am DONE with these assholes.

BrassMonkeyOriginals said...

At least the front pages are looking better. In the past week or so, I've seen a MUCH better variety of items and sellers and the prices haven't all been $25 and under. Shoot, I haven't even seen a single mustache on a stick or's miraculous!

Etsy kills me said...

Hahaha! This is sooo funny. I thought I was the only one! Lisajune is the same one who "called me out" after telling folks not to "call sellers out". She said I was trademark infringing! Little does she know US government has a handy dandy website to look-up trademarks and copyrights. And who knew? I was not trademark infringing. Did she even graduate from kindergarten?

RRobin said...

Quoting BrassMonkeyOriginals...
"At least the front pages are looking better. In the past week or so, I've seen a MUCH better variety of items and sellers and the prices haven't all been $25 and under. Shoot, I haven't even seen a single mustache on a stick or's miraculous!"


You must not have been looking at the same time I've been looking. In the past few days, in 2010 alone, I have seen quite a number of cowls, and knitted by the usual suspects; some bags by the Etsy-fave bag-sellers; and that once-was-enough-because-the-joke is-tired-now embroidery hoop holding the "vintage linen" with three women drawn/embroidered on it, each with "vintage" plastic baby-doll arms and one also tied with a "vintage" metal key -- the same damned item that has been on the front page too many times to count for the last six months or so.

Indeed, I was actually thinking that the front page of Etsy was lately so cliched and repetitive, they were probably selecting content just to spite EB.