Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Let's talk shopping!

This busy shopping season you may be looking for handmade, but not know where to turn for handmade items other than Etsy when their checkout acts up or the site goes down. Well, we've compiled a list below of handmade venues, and though there are many other sites where your favorite handmade seller may setup shop, these sites are where you can browse for new sellers and handmade specifically.


Mintd (the site is closing, but there are still sellers there at the moment)
Silkfair - Handmade (specific section of the site as linked)


Do you sell on a handmade venue that isn't listed? We'll add to the list!

You may have noticed that our Etsy Alternatives series stalled...well, we have to be able to experience the sites to give you a good review, and it isn't easy shifting items to a new site every month. But don't despair, we'll be back with a new review (shophandmade) after the first of the year!


The Funny One said...
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Amy said...

There are also LOTS of awesome handmade shops on Hyena Carts! :)
(shameless plug here)
Ahem, such as the super awesome congo I'm part of opening Black Friday at

TONS of great shops on HyenaCart! :)

Arty said...

Big Cartel?

The Righteous One said...

Arty, BigCartel does host some handmade shops, but the main site caters to band t-shirts and other mass produced items (despite their tagline) so it wasn't included on the list.

If people are willing to browse through a mall to find the handmade shops, both Big Cartel and HyenaCart are options, as are ecrater, Blujay, and eBay.

Nemesis_Productions said...

There is also