Friday, July 3, 2009

Facebook connect - now spam your family!

We're sure by now you have all (or at least most of you) heard about or seen the Facebook connect for your Etsy shop. Etsy has been working diligently since May to turn out this wonderful promotional tool for its sellers.

aaaahahahahah sorry, I couldn't keep that up.

The truth is, from what we can gather in statements posted on and off Etsy is that Facebook developed the app and eBay added it so Etsy did too (even though they try to take credit for it - you slimy bastards). But it doesn't seem to work on Etsy and it can only add links to your personal profile, not your fan page (this is a Facebook thing). It might work in IE, but other browser users are reporting errors and/or sluggishness.

Etsy, for all things spam! If they can integrate the code properly, that is.

If you click on the icon on the top menu of your screen after logging in, you can choose to not have it show again if you'd rather forget it exists.

goatmountainarts said:

*sob* This is like getting underwear for Christmas. *runs off waving arms in the air and crying*

uknowuneedanother said:

Etsy, y'all seriously need to regroup, put down the crack pipe, and focus on some reality.

If you were quoted, congratulations and thanks! You can find your celebratory "I've been Quoted" (and other EB avatars) by clicking here.


Happy at 1000 Markets said...

sprayed coffee right outa my nose reading the quotes - and tagged "clusterfuck" - omagawd - havn't had such a good laugh in a long time. snort. snort.
Etsy lost me long ago, but I still love to bitch about it!!

stoopid said...

Every time it gets hot for Etsy employees, they seem to come up with another questionable bell or whistle: and it's NEVER what anyone either asked for or was consulted about.
Here's the latest, along with the lame-o FB link: stats for buyers at the bottom of each listing. What is the fucking point, other than an attempt at diversionary tactics? Do they think we are as stoopid as they are??

life-during-wartime said...

Buyers' accounts have that silly link, too. Turned mine off.

Why would a buyer want this? Even if I had a Facebook account -- and I don't -- why would I want the world to know where I found cool supplies to make stuff for sale, found vintage for resale, or found some unique decor or fashion item? Do I want my customers to know where I shop for my biz? Do I want the world to know where I shop for personal coolness so we can all copy each other? Is this frickin high school? ...Okay, Etsy = Girl World (from Mean Girls), and Etsy wants you to link to the cyberspace Plastics. Sigh.

An Ominous said...

why can't they ever do anything right? EVER!?

woolies said...

omigod I didn't know I could make it go away, so fucking happy now I could just SPIT

The Righteous One said...

stoopid, you're right. We're trying to figure out exactly when the hearts stats appeared on seems to go against the changes they've made to remove prices the fact that noone asked for it! lol

geelizzie said...

haha, the underwear for Christmas has me rolling! One year when I was a teenager all I got were socks.
Thanks for the tip on how to get rid of that facebook F staring me in the face, sorry, but I'm just not into facebook.

Goat Mountain said...

I'm so *sniff* proud. I'll eventually have to figure out the over the avatar thing as I have a funny feeling my days are numbered over at the Land of the Twee.

What's worse, if once you figure ot all out, it's really regifted underwear.

teawithfrodo said...

because seeing people constantly trying to add me on twitter and send me spam there isn't enough.
Now I need to get spammed on Facebook.

Even when I leave they keep spamming me.

life-during-wartime said...

stoopid, I think the invasive stats box on every Etsy item is admin's idea of promotion. You know, in Etsy's Girl World the more views and the more hearts an item has without a purchase means you should buy it...and be the envy of everyone who hearted without buying. Or maybe someone will feel so bad about the viewing/hearting without carting they will be sorry this happened to the item, and they'll buy.

I'd love to hear admin's explanation because I am sure it's even dumber than the ones I came up with. Like a boost for your competition so they can copy your much viewed unsold items (and their keywords and titles), and offer them cheaper or with free shipping.

The Funny One said...

The key here is, no seller asked to work their asses off advertising Etsy the Brand for free, which is all the FB link is about. Throw the Etsy the Brand name all over FB.

It's just another ploy to get sellers to work for free. So what else is new?

The saddest part - Etsy continues to destroy the reputation of the handmade product and the artisan who created it. And it's damage that may never be un-done.

Branding destroys handmade!

trusk4u said...

Well, they closed the thread regarding the hearts and the stat box. Big surprise! Here is the link for those of you who haven't seen it.

GMA said...

I have it. This is Etsy

and eventually that big ass bubble is going to get me.

Anonymous said...

I'm the one that posted to let everyone know that ebay had this feature, and within a blink of an eye I was shuffled off into etc. I think this was the most angry I'd ever been at Etsy. I'm over it now, but let me tell you I was POed for a little while yesterday. They are causing quite a lot of frustration lately for a lot of people.

WindysDesigns said...

Being on Etsy reminds me of the Charlie Brown special "It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown", where all the kids get dressed up in costumes and Charlie Brown (Etsy)'s costume is full of holes and just pathetic looking. All the kids examine what they got after going to a house exclaiming "I got a chocolate bar!" "I got a quarter!" and poor Charlie Brown (Etsy) says "I got a rock".

That is what Etsy is to me now, a bag full of rocks.

beyond disgusted said...

Reminds of the time my mother got drunk and beat the hell out of me, and then wanted me to give her a kiss on the lips, while she still had a handful of my hair.

really annoyed said...

Slightly off-topic, but I'm getting really fricking sick of these new forum moderators shutting down lengthy discussion threads with the arrogant "I think this has gone on long enough."

Fed up with being talked to and treated like a child.

Permanent Vacation Mode said...

Flashbacked to about 6 years ago when my (very affluent) stepmother gave me USED thrift store socks for Christmas.
Used. socks.
Etsy hypes up the naive with dreams of QYDJ, then slaps them in the face with used socks.

Eveline said...

They first wanted us to spam everyone via email and now via Facebook? Nice..

Anonymous said...

So glad you can make the F disappear, thanks for the tip!

Pauli said...

Just found out about this blog from the very funny IMHO article about Etsy in the latest issue of Fortune Small Business. The article is called "Can an anti-corporate website survive commercial success?" -- I'm sure y'all know about it... anyway the people who run Etsy appear to me to be, in a word, priggish, and exactly the type of folk who deserve and anti-website. Keep it up.

Kelly D. said...

Thank you for telling me how to get rid of that stupid facebook thing! The letters were so tiny and faded (the ones that say, "don't show me this again") I missed them completely. Which, I guess, is the point.

RRobin said...

That stupid Facebook icon keeps returning from the dead despite my having clicked the "never show this again" option more times than I care to count at this point. It seems to resurface at least three times a week.

Today is July 22, and it's back again. The last time I saw it was July 20 and I (supposedly) turned it off then, too.

In Etsy's lexicon, "never" apparently means "somewhere between 48 and 72 hours."

Typical Etsy, to inflict on everyone a service that nobody asked for and few want, when there are real problems to be solved, and for it not to work right at that.

connect!!!! said...

Their facebook code crashes in the Opera browser. It freezes the whole page when you open the FB thing.

That's just some crappy programming.

Then, what's with the button coming back again and again and again?

THAT'S some crappy programming. WTF is up with their tech stuff? I guess they're changing some things behind the scenes but things actually seem 50% worse since the new guy took over.