Thursday, July 2, 2009

Etsy talks about “Product” and “Priorities” but what about what sellers want?

If you are just getting the latest "Etsy News" in your inboxes gushing about a long list of Etsy-generated changes to the site that are so old and insignificant, the sellers must be wondering where the hell Etsy’s been for the first 6 months of 2009. Out of town (again) on a PR junket? Etsy is out of town so much these days that it’s weekend light duty at Gold Street 24/7!

We’d like to point a finger at the meager, brief, and trite gobbledegook:

"Help improving customer support is top of mind for us at Etsy. We will be updating our internal systems and processes in the coming months to provide better support to our members. This includes updating our Help pages to make it easier for members to find information more quickly."

What did you say? Top of mind? Huh? Does sentence #1 read a lot like sentence #2? Did we just develop a bad case of double vision? Sudden lack of comprehension?

IF you mean Customer Service, as in PROVIDING CONCRETE AND COMPREHENSIVE CUSTOMER SUPPORT for sellers on Etsy, sellers have been thinking (for 4 whole years) that this means:
1. Email support 24/7 with an online Request for Help function with a finite turnaround of 24-48 hours.
2. 1-800 Customer Support during regular business hours.

You know, like every other huge online retail site provides - a formal Customer Service Department that acts like customer service! You know, that little button at the bottom of the front page that says "Contact Customer Service" that.

Who the hell are you kidding, Etsy You’ve been ignoring the need for Customer Service for your sellers for years - you throw out a wishy-washy 3 sentences that are as vague and noncommittal as your fixation on the non-colors BEIGE and WHITE - and we’re supposed to pat you on the back?

What did you say? Right, another bunch of nothing.

You finally hire a customer service director and this is all we get.


admin favorite said...

Off topic but anyone else notice that the current Featured Seller has been a FS before? With another shop? There are obviously so few shops on Etsy they are having to re-use people!

what next? said...

"your fixation on the non-colors BEIGE and WHITE"

Oh!! You slay me! I love EB. You make me laugh in times of bountiful stupidity.

That email was horrendous. How it was written as well as the "content". What happened to the promise of Etsy getting feedback from their core panel (aka cupcake brigade) or communicating changes BEFORE they happened.

The Facebook Connect is the stupidest piece of crap that they've introduced to the site. What intention does it serve other than to spam our facebook friends and promote Etsy, once again, for free. THere was already a "bookmark & share" option on all of our pages to begin with. There is absolutely no need for this.

DEGUSTE said...

So glad I have elected not to be notified of anything via email-- until they put their $ where their mouth is, that email is just self-flagellating spam.

The Funny One said...

I'm sure there are a lot of sellers who would have preferred a screenshot of bernsweeney's resume than that dumbass Etsy questionnaire that elevates the personality over the skill set. Or perhaps bernsweeney doesn't bring CS experience to the Etsy table. Which also explains why there haven't been any changes in customer service for sellers (Not members, Maria - we're sellers!)and we can still send a "support@" email into cyberspace and sit on our thumbs waiting for an answer. And then when we get tired of waiting, we can post an urgent Q in the forums and get locked and muted into oblivion.

Perfect! Who needs CS when you can ignore sellers until the questions disappear beneath an avalanche of other questions dumped on top of other questions.

Etsy is going to get kicked off facebook.... said...

admin favorite,

You are right. She was featured seller on 1/9/08. Wow, so few sellers on Etsy that a seller can be featured twice on the front page in a year and a half.
(No longer the FS, the seller has switched out now.)

The Facebook thing. A new toy for distraction. On the rare occasion I see something a friend would love, I use this nifty thing called email. My friends and family know I have a shop, they know what I sell, they either go to my shop and buy something if they like it, or they come to me and buy it. I don't need to spam them.

vomit and puke said...

Customer Support? As usual, Etsy relies on other Sellers to provide customer support to sellers with questions.
No clue what the buyer does when they need customer suppport - oh, I guess they just leave neg feedback.
As usual, Etsy relies on Sellers to bring in buyers too. God Forbid they should do any real advertising.
Oh sorry, off topic.
and the repeated featured seller is just the icing on the cupcake.

Betsy B. said...

I agree, the Facebook connect is awful. Why would I use my facebook page to promote the work of someone else? I don't like having my Etsy homepage filled with things that are in the way and of no use to me. If I want to feature my items on Facebook I don't need to do it through Etsy. Etsy needs to improve search functions and not keep putting unwanted features in my face (book) BB

ovendwa said...

i cannot believe they added that crappy facebook application and there are so many other useful things they could have been working on.

Arty said...

The Facebook thing? Unnecessary.
The hearts thing? Unnecessary.

A 1-800# for customer support?
Better search function?
Reseller identification team? Very Necessary.

This is why I don't relist or renew anything. I take Etsy as a total joke now and until my own website is up and running(which will be soon), I use my etsy shop only as a gallery display for my wholesale orders. My clients and new customers know where to contact me to purchase my items off of Etsy and that is just the way I like it. Use them the way they try to use us, I say.

geelizzie said...

I had to look for myself about the featured seller having already been featured under her other shop before. That is sad. I guess we all would have to move to Portland or Brooklyn to have a chance at featured seller.
But, you know, if you look through all the featured sellers over the years, very few of them really have all that many sales. This one in particular has less than 300 between both her shops. So, while etsy may have a particular type of featured seller that they are promoting, the buyers aren't buying it in every case.

PB::JJ::WW said...

It really seems to me that Etsy is still "biting the hand that feeds them" meaning... Etsy's "sellers."

I honestly do not understand how this company is still "functioning" as it is. (And by writing the word "functioning"... I am using that term sarcastically.)

After all the legitimate complaints put forth on this blog, as well as, on other sites and the Etsy fora...I truly believe that there will never be a change in Etsy "Company Policy" and the disgusting Etsy Admin behavior.

I really think that the only option now available to sellers on Etsy is to leave Etsy.

Notify your customers that you are leaving, they will follow you. Put your new shop location url on your shop announcement, screw the Etsy TOS...the Etsy Management does not follow it. And (this may seem a little extreme for some) don't pay your etsy bill. Believe me they will keep your Etsy shop up for a while if you owe them some money. (Even if you have no active listings.) And as far as credit scores are concerned, in this economy...who has pristine credit anymore?

I have done all of the above, and have actually seen more success at other venues.

Give Etsy the "fuck you" finger, liberate yourself from all this Etsy crap and move on...

The only thing you Etsy sellers have going for you is this EtsyBitch site...Thank you bitches!

With love and all the affection I can muster...