Sunday, May 3, 2009

EtsyBitch Day is coming!

Our one year anniversary as a force in handcrafted bitch arrives on May 20th.

What should we do for it?


Moda di Magno said...

Raffle! Plenty of fine folk would offer up goodies for you. Draw from comments/Tweets.


eclipse said...

Maybe some kind of contest or trivia game? Etsyboner trivia.
Or maybe let people make items to commemorate the b-day and then everyone votes for best item.
Or vote for best & worst Etsy moments of the last year, boner of the year, most improved.
And of COURSE, you need birthday cupcakes!!

EtsyBitch for a day... said...

Hmmm....well, it is probably too easy to call it, but mock treasurise are always good, clean fun. Really...the possibilities are endless: moustaches, cowls, the frayed (and not the on purpose, chic frayed stuff) and poorly sewn items. But then again, that poor sport and calling out?

I say a coalition of EtsyBitches gets into the forums and start threads about everything that we want and need to see changed with Etsy. See which Etsyans are drinking the koolaid and shoot it all down in their fun, "Etsy is just the best" posts and which Etsyans are like, gee, you know what...maybe those changes COULD help my shop, could help me sell more, could help me be more profitable.

If Etsy forums is nothing but these threads at least for a day, at what point can they NOT listen?

Anonymous said...

I remember reading the first editorial here as soon as the site when up. Oh, how time flies ☺

it seems like just yesterday said...

you've got to have cupcakes, of course.

with black frosting.

Redd said...

Bring back the forums! Oh how I miss them!

foxaz said...

dancing boys
bump all threads from May 20th 2008
post sweetly on other blogs.

(be careful of inadvertant mocking. Someone might get mooted)

Simone said...

First of all you need to make sure that the EB website just isn't working as expected on the day. Then you should tell all readers that they have to promote the blog for you.

Plus I think you should charge fees on all comments and then delete the comments shortly after - except a few commenters you deem to be EB favourites and who get to have their comments in big, bold text with rampant use of the 'blink' HTML tag to make sure we don't miss them.

I think you should then spend the rest of the day lounging in a hammock eating cupcakes and all will be right with the world. Only not so much ;P

Hmmmm said...

I'd love to see a "best of" or the year in pictures (or hammock type videos).

I'd say show what was bitched about and what changed, but the list is kinda short :(

Maybe a list of Before and After, consisting of everything wrong with Etsy, and a year later a comparable list?

The Funny One said...

I'm with Hmmmmmmm, let's have another video so we can drown our "no sales on Etsy" tears and laugh all the way to the new handmade sites........

more more more!

Heather said...

EtsyBitch for a day,

Mock treasuries don't always result in calling out and whiny boy crying, sometimes they make the FP. Remember the cowls? :P

UnHip said...

A chart or spreadsheet showing

for the best or the worst, according to importance for sellers.
My best is that the fundamental stuff has not changed, but has gotten worse (ie integrity).

working on my website... said...

You should make as many treasuries full of all the same items except for two to show how open you are to new sellers and are truly not showing favoritism.

You should also triple your prices for ad space on that day and put them down at the bottom while having a banner at top with links to your approved vendors who did not have to pay a fee for the ad.

Have a blog game: Spot the trend and see if we can guess by the front page what Etsy Admins are currently into and bonus points if you can guess which Admin is in love with said trend.

Old Hippie Bitch said...

I love Foxaz's idea of bumping every etsy thread from May 20, 2008. It's so underground. The koolaid drinkers would go insane from the deja vu, but keep typing "I'm so sorry that happened to you, look at my shop" until their fingers bled.

twatter said...

shouldn't you just spam twitter?

life-during-wartime said...

Old Hippie Bitch said...
I love Foxaz's idea of bumping every etsy thread from May 20, 2008. It's so underground. The koolaid drinkers would go insane from the deja vu, but keep typing "I'm so sorry that happened to you, look at my shop" until their fingers bled.
I guess this is why there's a thread in the forums about 'cleaning up' and removing all the old posts?

Yeah, why not bring back the old posts, and alternate them with more demands that admin address their continued promotion of listings that violate the TOU? Keep them busy locking threads. They might as well do something with their day other than twirling the ends their fake mustaches.

Disappointed said...

Why not go through all the Etsy Quit Your Day Job posts and correlate them with the featured artists. A nice list side by side showing how the same people get all the promotion on the site would be wicked. To start you off, the current featured artist was a QYDJ post in the Storque a while back.

almostvintage said...

I second LifeDuring's idea. This featuring TOU violaters is ARGGGGG and getting worse.
Stoopid or ignerint? You choose. Or is there a third choice-- like, Callow?
Damage to site image, integrity, and more importantly the income of those who do not break TOUs.

if they check eachother's Storque articles, then it's a case of mass stooopidity.

RRobin said...

How about a blackout?

What if we all deactivate our listings -- those of us who still have any listings on Etsy -- at 12:01 AM, and then not visit the site AT ALL -- not the selling areas, fora, anything -- until we reactivate (maybe) at 12:01 AM on the 21st. And advise all our friends to likewise deactivate and/or stay away.

lI wonder what that might do to their traffic numbers.


working on my website... said...

Man, who knew that the secret to Etsy success was to sell the secrets to Etsy success to other sellers on Etsy.

Pretty sweet gig.

RRobin said...

Isn't this today?