Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Overdue bills and a lack of communication

Another incidence of a lack of communication on Etsy's part- AGAIN! Overdue bills will now be sent to a collection agency.

This DOES make business sense, but the way they contacted the sellers doesn't. No site wide email, no change (as of yet) to the TOU, no posted letter to affected sellers. Oh yeah, Etsy just wants their cash and refuse to go beyond their cubicles or Etsy to contact customers for it.

There was this thread asking for clarity about bills less than $1. Supposedly those don't count since Etsy can't collect that amount.

Of course they can't, they only take credit cards online. What if someone lost their internet connection and owes, say, $10. They don't even have a phone number for people to call!

It's not the collection we have issues with, it's the lack of communication, the inaction until this point regarding abandoned shops, the lazy nature in which they continuously practice business...


The Funny One said...

I dunno, EB, this sound like the Etsy accountant just got out of school and read chapter 25 of Acctg. 101.

Mopping up your own financial mis-steps (like a coherent plan to collect from inactive and closed Etsy stores) in THIS CURRENT ECONOMIC atmosphere with the collection-agency-stick may push some people over the edge.

Or is Etsy totally unfamiliar with the way some collection agencies operate?

I don't think this is a small issue. True, it is what businesses usually do when they have a certain percentage of past due accounts, but, did Etsy weigh ALL the alternatives? Right. Like Etsy thinks anything through.

AND, please do not underestimate that Etsy should (and perhaps aree required to by law in many states) have sent this CHANGE IN FINANCIAL POLICY ON FEE COLLECTION in writing to all 200thousand of its sellers and how many thousands of ex-sellers?

Etsy can't figure out how to target its huge employee resources to stop resellers and fix the fucking Shopping Cart to end the problem of NON PAYING BUYERS first?????

Annoucing everything in the Dorque only puts Etsy more out of touch with reality, because they refuse to acknowledge how many sellers avoid reading that exercise-in-self-importance that is now THE substitute for Etsy making any substantive improvements to its business. It's a cesspool.

casablynn said...

So glad that I signed up for the etsy newsletter email thingie to alert me to important etsy news posted in The Storque...not. Why am I reading this on this blog first rather than the stupid newsletter I never received? WTH is wrong with the people who run etsy? COMMUNICATION people, geesh.

Old Hippie Bitch said...

Well...see, this is hilarious. When V2 launched and auto-billing went away, I was annoyed. I mentioned in a thread back then that I thought it was a poor business move to eliminate steady, ontime payments. I wanted the convenience, and etsy should want the cash.

A snarky admin post followed (one of the guys, I forget who) telling me they understand good business and auto-billing will be reinstated soon. How long ago was V2?

I always figured if there was a blacklist, I was added that day.

Done said...

There are still hundreds of thousands of people in the northeastern US without power (today it will be a week). I'm talking about the ones that haven't frozen to death yet.
If they haven't forsaken their survival responsibilities to find a library with power in order to log onto their etsy accounts and pay their etsy bills, they are now late.
I hope etsy sends them all to collection. They're beyond homicidal as it is and the herd needs thinning.

Knot By Gran'ma said...

What was the point of signing up for Etsy emails if they're not going to send them again?

Thanks for keeping me in the loop EB.

Lillith said...

There should be a set amount that it goes to collections for (IE: above $1.00 etc, it's not very clear). Another important thing to remember is that once it goes to collections, a lot of times collections can not prove that you owe it. This may not always be the case, but it is quite a few times.