Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Etsy apologizes but still Fails

It's a landmark moment, Etsy has publicly (via Twitter) apologized for erroneously closing a thread. (BTW, it's Anda that does most of the Etsy twitters, but Mary was the one who closed the thread)

But what did it take to get there...lots of @Etsy tweets from some on the spot Etsians helping one another when admin were being lazy and not fully assessing a situation. Despite Mary being told that she was wrong, it was 24 hours later that things were somewhat rectified (Hey, Etsy always wanted a 'community'. Bet they never figured it would work against them).

What situation? you ask. Well you see, the great gift certificate push Etsy has been doing is actually new. So new in fact that about a year ago, gift certificates were considered 'illegal' on Etsy.

This old closed thread was being discussed in regards to the recent Storque feature on GCs. A seller quoted the admin's post and then got in trouble because admin thought it was a 'private convo'.

Stupid admin. If you would only learn to read...and make up your fucking minds about what is allowed and not allowed. Supposedly, GC's have been alright since just a few months after that thread because they wrote another how-to on them last Holiday season. Did anyone get the email about this when it was changed in the TOU? Oh wait, Etsy doesn't send out emails!

As for the not-so-naughty comment. It was an exact copy and paste quote of admin's OP in 2007:

Etsy Admin
Chillionaire says:
Hi forum folks! So I'm gearing up to send out convos to any sellers who have gift certificate listings in their shop. I know this issue will end up in the forum, so I figured I'd be the one to start it. I will be sending the same convo out to everyone, stating that gift cert. listings need to be removed, and I figured I would just let the message be public. Sorry if you read this thread and then have to deal with one in your inbox, but I know that not all sellers read the forum. I'll try to check back on this thread, but I can't guarantee how much time I'll have to respond. Anywho, I hope no one takes offense, this is just how it goes!

Here's the convo:

Hi there!
Thank you for being part of the Etsy community and sharing your crafts with the world! You may not be aware, but we ask that sellers not feature gift certificate listings in their shop. We appreciate the ingenuity, but gift certificates often lead to buyer/seller disputes and they violate our Terms of Use. If you will kindly remove the listing(s) from your shop, we will be glad to refund your listing fee. Please visit the Forums or email support [!at] etsy.com if you have any questions.
Happy crafting,

For your listing fee refund: Email support [!at] etsy.com with your user name and the listing number of the gift certificate listing. Make sure to take down the listing number before you remove the listing!

Stop fucking your customers Etsy. Or at least use a little lube.


forum rubbernecker said...

I love how "Etsy" twitters and doesn't say which admin is twittering. I saw them in one on-the-FP-every-day seller's twitter a lot. Nice endorsement, Etsy.

TinyTim said...


The Funny One said...

Well, I don't twitter, and I'd rather have my toes amputated than read one line of Etsy's blog (aka the Etsy junkpile) so I remain uninformed and unenlightened.

But then, I have spent 4 years on Etsy uninformed and unenlightened because I am a seller, a dime a dozen.

Which brings us back to the Fact of Etsy Life. Fuck the sellers, since they come and go, and who cares what they might need to know? (Who pays attention to legalities.....certainly NOT Etsy!)

Protection from fraud? Nope. Protection from reseller invasions for months on end. Nope. Monthly notices of essential news for sellers? Oh, geez, who are you kidding?

Etsy Stealth simply ignores their contractual obligations to keep their sellers informed. Which, if history repeats itself, will come back to bite Etsy in its big butt someday. Got lawyers?

The Righteous One said...

Puss, nobody's whining. We just thought it funny that Etsy actually apologized for something, yet entirely missed the point of the whole situation.

Though the person who had to deal with being in trouble probably isn't too happy. We haven't discussed it with her, we were following it on Twitter.

The Dangerous Mezzo said...

Etsy Brand Lube -- handmade in Brooklyn by cowl-wearing owls, so you know it's good.

Anonymous said...

Not even a kiss...

mothra said...

Somebody explain to me how spending time on Twitter is a productive use of a full-time paid employee's time? have they not enough to do at Etsy? Are they layoff-proof?
I really do not get it.

Angel said...

Maybe they don't wanna use lube, anyone think of that? Maybe they don't need it. They just hump your leg until you cough up another $.20... $.20.... and..... $.20

ebbandflo said...

i do think anda deserves some thanks for getting the apology thing moving. even tho mary had been alerted about the error no apology was forthcoming until @etsy twitter started taking part. instead of brushing aside the tweets apparently some investigation was done and an apology was forthcoming. not ideal in terms of company policy but she didn't just let the whole business hang or ignore it

it's christmas! said...

Stats are coming!!!!

eclipse said...

They have always had this odd practice of having certain people apologize for other staff's mistakes. Stella and Matt have commonly been the designated apologists. I don't know why they can't have the person who made the mistake apologize for their own mistake? It would certainly seem more sincere.

too old for Etsy said...

I still want to know why these people spend so much time on twitter instead of Etsy.

pttttthhhhhtttttthhhh said...

"too old for Etsy said...
I still want to know why these people spend so much time on twitter instead of Etsy."

me too. Twitter, Chat Rooms, Playing with Toys (the xmas treasuries), writing Dorque articles, etc. etc.

I know I'm going to hear the old "they all have separate jobs" bs, but if they think Twitter is as important as say.. oh checking flags- then they are more fucked up than I thought.

Put the people where they are needed, and stop all the gaming and bullshit, etsy.

forum rubbernecker said...

me too. Twitter, Chat Rooms, Playing with Toys (the xmas treasuries), writing Dorque articles, etc. etc.
No, the Christmas Treasuries were what Etsy SHOULD be about, that was important. Lots of sellers promoting lots of other sellers. And nary a damn cowl or ugly suitcase in sight. That was a fine Christmas present indeed.

joe the snark said...

You want Etsy to 'fuck you'... with 'lube'? Sorry, only Wyan gets that kind of treatment.

Howard T. Snidbiscuits said...

I don't want to think about 'Etsy', 'fucking', and 'lube'.

Think: Rob Kalin. Naked. Penis.

Now, kill yourself.