Monday, November 10, 2008

Update on Etsy Alternative

We want to make sure that the information we provide is as thorough as possible. In this regard, here are some more details on eCrater, the free webshop builder we profiled last month.

This site keeps adding new things, one of which is an integrated shipping calculator you can enable rather than creating a shipping matrix.

Don't forget Google Analytics! Even though you can't use HTML, you can insert the GA code. Why can't Etsy do this???90% of my hits are from Google, I don't think anyone shops eCrater as a mall venue, except maybe other sellers. I've had several shops on eCrater for about 2 years. Sales aren't great, but it's a good parking place for your stuff if you don't have a website.Another pro: Your eCrater listings show up very high in Google searches.

Also, the inventory control prevents non-paying buyers from removing the items from your shop. Let's say they click Google checkout, but the credit card doesn't work - the item is still available for someone else.

Of course there are glitches at times, but some of these things are what we've been asking for from Etsy for a long time. Someone else can do it...why can't they?


Gina - RoseThistleArtworks said...

These do seem like elemental functions to running any online business. I really can't understand why etsy won't focus on this basics so we can all reach higher successes. What do they gain by not adding this functionality? Really. Someone please explain this to me.

sigh said...

Because, I fear they can't.

They decided to reinvent the wheel, and from what Chad has said, the whole thing is a rickety mess just about to implode.

I don't get why they thought they were so brilliant to start from scratch programming everything, when there were perfectly fine ecommerce sites that had the bugs worked out to copy from.

They can't say they can't do these things or they will look bad. And we KNOW they can't admit any wrong doing.

So these simple, basic things probably weren't considered. Why would dumb ass sellers of crafts need that stuff? They'd rather have a rainbow mandala.

Truly, if it isn't impossible, then it shows JUST how much Etsy really despises all the sellers.

The Funny One said...

I'm with you, Gina - and looking back over the past year, WTF has changed on Etsy to make sellers' lives easier? Anything?

Has Etsy paid ANY attention to seller requests (which are now desperate needs) which include:
*improved search
*prevention of fraud & reseller-takeover every weekend
*comprehensive store stats
*pay or empty shopping cart and eliminate non-paying buyers
*ads, marketing, and a yearly marketing and ad budget and campaign
*decent seller relations with a formal customer service department and an ADULT to communicate with sellers after management review of everything put in print
*streamline tagging system to prevent and stop tag abuse
*PUT SELLERS AND BUYERS FIRST, not a personal blog that has taken both time, effort and 70+++ employees to support without adding much value to increasing actual sales for sellers on the site
*implement a new-store screening system to eliminate non-TOU products being sold BEFORE they are sold
*Bug Status Report

and I am sure that many of you can add to this list. It has been a do nothing, don't improve, don't listen to sellers, don't give a shit about buyers, too arrogant to advertise regularly, and no Holiday Marketing Plan to speak of.

Why, how can anyone even GUESS that it's the holiday shopping weeks when looking at Etsy's very own Front Page?

2008 will go down as Etsy's complete lack of progress, change, and any effort at all to improve seller-relations. The Etsy employee roster gets bigger, the Dorque takes on the dimensions of a major daily newspaper, and NO ONE IS WATCHING THE DAMN STORE!

Etsy's failure, for the 4th year, to include sellers in a future fight to keep the site profitable in a rocky, uncertain, and possibly disasterous online retail environment will be Etsy't final undoing.

Etsy squandered and wasted tons of good seller relations that would have galvanized the selling community to do everything they can now and in the next 12 months to make sure Etsy stays on top, and sales stay strong------but Etsy has constantly turned its back on its very own bank account.

Four Tails Lampwork said...

Check out the new site, 100Markets! They seem to be really good to date ... for a site that is only 5 weeks old.