Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Day in Quotes: Thursday, July 10th

Copy Redux

I wrote the first thread about copying. Stop copying me by writing all these posts about copying. It was MY idea to complain about people stealing ideas.

Sales Club
First rule of whining about sales:

You do not whine about sales.

Second rule of whining about sales:

You do NOT whine about sales.

One of Those Threads
I am determined to turn this thread into one of those drama threads now.

Um, I invented Scrabble. My last name is Scrabble. Cease and desist your Scrabble tile pendant making at once, ALL OF YOU!!

Hot Dog
In fact I am thinking of opening an establishment and calling it "Dicks". I will hire a bunch of men to wear banana hammocks and serve foot longs all day while they play soaps on the tv's and flirt with all of the women.

If you were quoted, congratulations and thanks! You can find your
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Caroline said...

Hiya EB! How funny to see myself quoted here. :-D
I read EB in secret.......
First rule of reading EB:

You do not talk about reading EB.



impetuous said...

Where's the beef bitches? How about a little something on the minutes from the latest meeting?

Oh and to those that were quoted, Congrats! I am so happy that happened to you!

*puts on helmet and waits for some bitching*

stace said...

the thing that really bothers me about copy threads is more the idea that these people think they are so awesome that someone was just sitting around going "OMG IMNNA COPY THAT!" it's kind of an egotistical outlook. And it usually, not always, but usually comes across as looking down on other people's abilities.

i'm tired of thinking something up, and then thinking to myself "will some one think i copied them?" and then i have to freaking over state how i came up with the idea.

it just seems, to me... that there are very few completely original ideas on etsy... styles? yes. ideas? no.

i know. i know... but, how many ways can we reinvent pot holders?


and still there's room for two people out of billions to have the same exact one, once. maybe not 10 times... but, once. it could happen... innocently.

i came up a product recently with using parts from leftover materials to make something, two things were laying beside one another and i just thought... OMG! It's perfect! it was all very zen... anyhow, i didn't even waste a minute to see if someone else had done it the way i did. i had seen this item made with other materials. all kinds... so i make it, and then later on, i happen upon a thread on another board about making the same item out of the same material.

her process was different. she didn't have parts laying around that she couldn't bare to toss... but the idea was the same... kinda.

i wouldn't even think that she copied me, and i'd be fuming mad if she accused me of copying her.

it's just a shame that people can't actually have the same idea, different processes and applications, and share the beauty in something like that without this whole "you copied me!" anger.

maybe they really didn't copy you. maybe they never even heard of you. MAYBE... just maybe, you aren't THAT popular. No matter how inflated your ego.

[and yes, I realize that some copy claims ARE legit. but rarely do I see truly original ideas being toted as copied.]

people should be more humble... on etsy, and in the artistic community. I see quite a few things here and there that i thought of making, never did, and there's someone else doing it. they must have gotten into my head and stole my thoughts... right?

it's not possible that maybe people aren't as original as they think they are?

and it's actually a good thing.

because creativity should be celebrated, not horded and hidden in a dungeon never to be improved upon or expanded.

Talli said...

My last name is Scrabble made me snicker ! lol