Saturday, July 12, 2008

The Day in Quotes: Saturday, July 12th


Lord knows, if somebody wants cheap mass-produced junk, it's not like they have to work as hard as they do here to find and buy it.

What is this advertising you speak of?
I'm not sure I understand why Etsy *needs* Adwords. I think it's an interesting and useful suggestion, one worth looking into, but not something that I feel Etsy *must* do. I have mixed feelings about using eBay as a benchmark for Etsy's success, and I'm not even sure that worked for eBay would work for Etsy in any event. Advertising is always expensive and risky,

Searching revisited
Q: I am new here and I love your work. I tried to find it in the search but couldn't because I used different words than you do to describe your bowl. I tried wood bowl, wood lathe bowl. wood carved bowl, wood handmade bowl, and you didn't come up in any of those. Why not?

A: Because (1) the search engine sucks and (2) my tags suck because I really don't understand the *precise* way in which the search engine sucks.

FWIW, they're all tagged "woodworking", "turned", and "bowl"...apparently that is insufficient/suboptimal/whatever. I say the search engine sucks, someone else will say I don't know how to do tags, and the real answer is, we're both right.

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