Thursday, July 17, 2008

Blast-fax kudos, all around!

Far be it from us bitches to refrain from giving credit where credit is due. Etsy has announced a useful (gasp) new feature - related items showing up in sold listings! (Don't panic if you can't see them- they don't show up in your own shop when you're logged in, but you can see them in someone else's shop.) More information can be found on Marymary's announcement thread.

While the feature probably won't be any use to people already browsing through Etsy, since most shoppers would not sift through already sold items before looking through a shop, it will really help sellers who have items linked to by blogs and outside websites, or buyers who are looking through the "just sold" Time Machine or Pounce. This way there's an eye-catching, easy way to click through to the shop from the sold item screen.

Of course, there are lots of things that could make this feature even better. Here are a few quotes from the thread with great explanations and suggestions:

Ivydee says:
I think its less for those who are coming into your store through the "front door" than it is for those who may have linked directly to a sold item through either a blog, favorites page or google search.

It would seem to be more useful if it linked to items within the same category, though. So if someone ended up on a page with a pair of your earrings, it would show them other earrings from your shop.

eclipse says:
I really like this.
The best part is that if a sold item is relisted and has the identical title, it's the item shown. That is much smarter than just showing the 3 featured items for example.

I go through my favorites periodically to clean out sold items and this way it really helps me find the relisted identical item quickly! (I used to have to search the shop)

Is there any way to get a similar thing for expired items?

glittercritter says:
System pulls from tag matches after the title match.
* System pulls from same shop section sold item was listed in (love this one).
* Move "this item sold on..." text below the three active items.

Please add

*suggest items on shopping cart page

*suggest items that have sold out in our favorites

As nice as this update is, it does come fairly hard on the heels of Rob and Maria's little chat where they floated the idea of a "see similar items" widget that would NOT pull exclusively from a seller's shop. It does make one a bit suspicious that they were planning this all along and then changed the plan midstream when they realized that doing so would turn even Team Cupcake against them.


Ivydee said...

Wow, quoted by the Biatches! ...hand me that avatar!!!

btw, off topic, but have you seen that there are now references made to EB (loosely) and the "Etsy 9"? Next week it will be the Etsy 12. Then the Esty 24, then the Etsy 100... Does no one see the pattern here, that perhaps with time more and more people are putting down the cupcakes and seeing the light?

ShrugItOff said...

Yes, but all the references to this blog are made by the same person it seems (and they are not positive). Lots of assuming about who the bitches are too.

Ivydee said...

Yup, I've noticed that myself. Seems to have gotten their teeth into it and refuses to let go until it eventually gets the thread shut down.

I think its interesting that the people who are the MOST abusive to other sellers on the forums are those who rally behind Etsy the most.

Simone said...

Okay, I think this feature is a good step forward - and a solution to this problem was desperately needed. But if Etsy had been properly thought out, items would be able to be relisted using the same item number (and therefore the same URL) as they had before they sold. You know, just like in a regular shopping cart.

All that's happened is that the item has gone out of stock when it sells and we should be able to bring the stock back up to one again.

The way Etsy works hurts sellers when you get good exposure for a single item in your shop. I'd still much rather see the problem being fixed at its root than this solution. And, in fact, there's no reason why both things couldn't happen as the new feature would still have benefits.