Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Quotable Quotes: What Kind of Site is Etsy?

Food for thought:

""I think people are despairing a bit because you get a very distinct feeling that Etsy doesn't need any of us, and it shows, and as the big sellers migrate elsewhere, Etsy might find itself with a lot of sellers but very little buyers, and there goes the revenue from sales."

This bears repeating. I hope the Etsy admins - and the new COO in particular - is paying attention to comments such as these.

And it wouldn't hurt for them to note why you, and others, are looking to go solo. You just listed some of the most fundamental selling tools that Etsy, after three years as a 'selling venue' still. does. not. provide.

If Etsy truly wants to be competitive, as well as live up to their mission mantra, they need to start listening to, and acting on, the feedback from their clients."


j. hart photography said...

that quote (wherever it came from) along with GM's comments are definitely worth noting. and i agree.

Lucinda aka Cindy said...

But who are Etsy's clients? The poor sod sellers who have already invested hundreds into the dream and are disillusioned, OR the hundreds that open new shops and list 20 pieces each day?

I am thinking the latter...

EtsyTool said...

I agree with the sentiment, however, as Lucinda points out, it's not the sales generating the most revenue.

On that same thread link page Mary says:
"3. It is never our intention to undermine anything our sellers are making or selling on Etsy. We will keep this concern in mind for the future when planning basic skill tutorials."
Which loosely translates to, "In the meantime, fuck you all."

3400 said...

What I don't understand is how they're not aware of the fact that if the people with the good quality stuff leave and you just get the crappy crafts with the bad photos, etsy's reputation will crumble and fall - it's getting like that already.

FP excluded, a search is always totally depressing, and it's only going to get more so.

BTW, these last fews days since I've discovered EB have been a lot of a fun and a tonic for my nerves - I tend to feel like Etsy's little dirty secret anyway, and it's good to find I'm not the only one that has problems with it.

lessa said...

It is such a short sighted way of making money if your goal is longevity.

If they fixed the issues(search/cart/etc) sure there would be a temporary drop in listing revenue. BUT! As sales increase, sellers disillusioned by the old setup will start to list more, sell more, list more. People who dismissed Etsy before see it as viable so they open up and list. List sell, list more. See how it works, so simple.

Most people in business know there are times when you have to accept a loss in order to make gains.

With that 27 million windfall they were in the perfect position to make that change and not feel it.

TheSneakyOne said...

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