Saturday, June 21, 2008

Quotable Quotes: No Shit Sherlock

Please Etsy, get a clue.

Storque article: "Dear Sellers,

Did you realize that the way you communicate with your customers can actually promote repeat business?"

Seller Comment: Um, is this a joke? You actually have the balls to lecture sellers about communication skills when Etsy expects its users to get critical information by digging through the forums and sifting the Storque guano? Not to mention all the crap that's been going down in the forums this week? This is why I'm moving to my own site, I don't have the time or the patience to deal with Etsy's hypocrisy anymore."


Christina said...

OMG, Paula is my hero!

Godot said...

Paula will you marry me?

Thank you etsy for explaining customer service in such fine detail. From now on I will be including your "dance break" videos to each repeat customer.

Or perhapas and audio verion of "Silence is Golden" by RD.

Wende said...

Oh, I hope Paula gets a badge of valor. :D

Cat said...

Hehe, when i saw that i thought "Go Team!" muahahaha
Someone's telling it like it is :)

The Righteous One said...

I thought it would have been deleted by now since they like to do that in the Storque.

But I guess if porn comments can stay for months on the blog, then they're too busy to edit the Storque comments anymore, particularly articles on customer service, which we know they never read!!

Ladies Auxilliary said...

Wow, just WOW!

I mean, OMG, lol.

I love it.

Paula B said...

Oh my goodness, I never expected to be featured in EtsyBitch! That article just put me over the top - I take a few months' hiatus from Etsy while I'm sorting out going back to school, and I expected things to have changed for the better while I was gone. Sadly, that does not seem to be the case.

Anyways, thanks for the shoutout, Bitches, and keep on fighting the good fight! :)

And to Godot - I'm sure there's someone else waiting for you. :p

old hippie bitch said...

Bravo, Paula! Too bad your comment is buried in "Storque guano." The cheerleaders just kept on doing the splits and making cheerleader pyramids...

MajorFuckingEtsyBurnout said...

Paula you bitchy little bitch~I heart you! You speak the truth lady.

I mean was that article seriously a joke? Is it April Fools? I'm so confused. Was it....???? I don't know...I'm fucking speechless that they had the shiny solid brass balls to "publicly publish" that.
Then I wonder how long and how many admin it took to write it? i.e., how many of my transaction fees paid the salary of the geniuses behind it?....christ.

"Storque guano"= Perfection! Nice routine, great triple, perfect landing. A+++