Friday, June 13, 2008

From the Bitches Auxiliary: Beautiful.

Remember all the trouble when Etsy told us we needed to remember when the site goes down so we have a place to look for info? (Why they can't have a redirect to point it when needed I have no idea)

Seems the Comments on the stories on are filled with porn.

I'll close with what our auxiliary member said reporting this hilarity: "when etsy goes down so should you, lol!"

Now we know something else they don't do at work...


The Righteous One said...

LOL!!!! That is the quote of the day!!

lurker said...

I predict the porn will be gone shortly. Certainly at least *one* person at Etsy headquarters spends part of their day reading EtsyBitch, UEN, etc.

Yes, Rokali, I'm talking to you.


dis little piggy said...

LMAO @ "collageteensbookbang"

They must be crafty little sluts.

ebbandflo said...

oh ho ho ho!

what an incredible resource etsy supplies its sellers with!

)porn still there at 12 noon west coast time

Kali said...

6 pm EDT and porn links are still there.

But really, this is par for the course. None of us really expected Etsycorp to integrate something as out-of-the-box as Akismet on their blog, now did we?

eclipse said...

whoah, that spam is still there? I know people reported that stuff last year!

jodie nicholson said...

Interesting that the porn lingers around, while politely critical posts on Storque are removed at the speed of light.


The Disgruntled One said...

Yup. Spam on the blog is fine, but gentle constructive comments on The Storque are not.

Pure Etsy.

lurker said...

I predicted wrong.
The porn is still alive and well on their blog.

Apparently their heads are farther up their asses than I imagined.

Way to go, Etsy.

are-they-serious said...

who does etsy go down on? Etsy's never gone down on me. WTF?