Friday, May 23, 2008

There's a difference ...

Hi, gang!

In reference to this (now locked) thread... As the author of the earlier posted review of the video made of RobWhite, I just want to repeat what I said in the review: I think RobWhite is a great guy.

My problems are with the video. Not RobWhite. The video. That clear? Good. I thought it was the first time, but apparently not. Apparently some people can't read. That's okay, I've notice that on the Forums, too.

It's the video that makes RobWhite look like a putz. It's not that he is a putz. I don't for a moment think he's a putz. He's a nice guy trying to do a good job in what must be a very challenging environment. He's a great writer and probably a lovely dancer.

Rob -- I don't think you're a putz at all.

The video, the video is another matter. The video is idiotic, a waste of time, and would make anyone look like an idiot. Seriously, people. Why is Etsy spending its time making its staff look like jerks? Who is their target audience for this crap? All the seven year olds I know would be repelled by it.

That is all.