Monday, May 26, 2008

Quotable Quotes: Professional Etsy Admins In Action!!

Etsy Labs OP post: "The Etsy Labs has noticed your requests for a more diverse style of promo merchandise and have
created a Design Face-Off with the intentions to involve you, our beloved Etsy community in the design process of our new line of Etsy goodies.

The Etsy Admin have hand-selected three designers that are already doing an awesome job on the site. We asked them to create up to three new Etsy branded designs, and now it's up to you to decided whose Etsy Design will reign supreme!"

Responder "L": "werent there any better designs ?"

Responder "C": "I like the 3rd one best of all the options but none of them really grab me. They all seem very busy and detailed which is not usually good for advertising."

Responder "A": "Interesting. Will items with these designs be for sale?
Is Etsy paying the designers a royalty for use of their images? or a flat fee?"

And how did Etsy Admin respond?

Anda to Non-Cheerleaders: "Hey! This isn't a shop critique or your college art class. Keep yr comments towards the designers' work positive. OR ELSE. :)"

Daniellexo to "L": "Your comment in the Face-Off thread was insulting to our members who are participating in the Face-Off. We're a community here and want to support each other. Please keep that in mind."

Anda to "A": "Its also not very kosher to discuss the artists' contracts publicly in the forums. And yes I am talking to you, Mr. A-."

Or else what, Anda?????


~B.Z. said...

An-Duh and Dan-YELL need to stay the HELL out of the forums !! They are the P.R. nightmare twins *rolls eyes*

I see that the comments are closed on the Stork article and the Promo thread lasted less than two hours.
On the last page of the thread one of the contestants says " I hope the Promotions for this aren't over already ! "

That makes me wonder if that's all they get out of this is a Promotional opportunity ??

Etsy used relatively new sellers who may not know the history of the Labs begging for free goodies ... " Something for Nothing " deals for these designers would NOT surprise me :P

Andy Mathis said...

that Design Face-Off is just messed up, in how it's set up, handled and voted on. I hope they change things if they do it again.

It reminds me of an art website and catalog out there. They buy products wholesale- 50% of the retail price.

Well, not long ago they had a portfolio competition. with an entry fee, seems like $30-35 dollars. To be juried by 1 person to pick 10 finalists. Then those 10 finalists would have to opportunity to be voted on my website visitors with the winner receiving the chance to have their artwork reproduced as a print. With a 10% royalty.

Why would anyone go to the trouble of entering?

The Disgruntled One said...

Etsy has a great aptitude for exploiting its sellers. Who wants to bet that the contract those artists were given in exchange for the use of their artwork was nothing more than the promise of free promotion?

Danielle was a nightmare when she was "Forum Conductor" (as in lightning, no doubt). Abrasive, narcissistic, thin-skinned and completely without empathy, she was one of the worst people Etsy could have chosen to put on Forum duty.

The other worst choice had to be Anda. Also self-absorbed, humorless, arrogant and vindictive, she has been known (along with Danielle) to send personal convos to people who have rubbed her the wrong way on the forums. Her abuse of her position continues in her brief as the "Etsy Finds" compiler.

Anonymous said...

Anda's avatar creeps me out. Srsly.

I just need to say it ...

The Righteous One said...

Oh my god. Those damn EtsyFinds emails with pics of her kid. I understand being a proud parent but it has no place in the newsletters.

The Astounded One said...

look at number 2.

This isn't esoteric - any graphic designer worth spit has read article after article talking about what "contests" do to the industry. It's more common knowledge than the golden ratio.

Yet here's a contest. From a bunch of people purporting to champion the individual designer. And defensiiiiive about it.

Jen Segrest said...

I think etsy forgets that artists have artistic temperaments and have a historical knack for stirring up shit in the faces of adversaries. That's why I love this site! Etsy has become an enemy by demanding artists not speak their minds or behave against thier very beings.

Etsy needs to grow up and decide if it wants to be a social site or a commerce site when it grows up. I think all the sellers agree that the social aspect needs to be seriously cropped and pulled into the shadows, like most other selling sites. Cafepress has a forum, a very busy and rather helpful one, but you'd never know it as a regualr shopper, you have to be a seller to even get into it or find the link.

Albina Rose said...

I agree with Jen Segrest about the social aspect of Etsy too often overshadowing the business side. I have been commenting on that in the forums for a while now. The day that the social issues of Etsy dictate business policy, and what sellers can and cannot have or do, is the day I'm out of there. I joined Etsy, the business venue. I already have a very active social life, thanks.

Having said that, regarding the contest, I didn't think it was insulting to anyone to ask if there were any better designs. Once you put yourself out there in a contest where your work will be judged, you have to expect some people aren't going to like your contribution.

Elizabeth said...

As long as the Kool-Aid is potent, Etsy will not be able to let go of its self-image as community first, commerce second. Only a businessperson at the helm will change that.

TheSneakyOne said...

.. or else she will stare you down and kill you with those creepy soulless eyes.

Anonymous said...

staged dickery at its best!

yeah you right said...

in light of the fact that someone brought up the temperament of artists, it seems like not so much danielle or anda's fault (or whoevers), rather etsy's bright idea of hiring artists to police artists. what artist worth his or her beans wants to do that crappy job? and, it doesnt seem like they are being paid enough as they are always promoting the sales of their stuff like they did at xmas or their new shops or what have you. either that or they are given absolutely no direction except for follow swimmy
what artist wants to leave their own creative business and focus on someone else's - that sounds like a poor choice and bound to make folks crabby and bitchy

however- if these folks are banking on leveraging their etsy fame into their own cash cow it would be best to make more friends and less enemies online