Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Quotable Quotes: "In the Know"

Gosh, it must feel good to be "in" with the In crowd:

"Its actually happened to me (my seller account) when a buyer didnt receive a package I sent - and contacted support first. So I know it to be true :)

Also - I work (and live) closely to support admin. So believe me I'm "in the know"."



Halflyng said...

Hahahahaha, how funny. I was muted for a day for my "What an Informative Statement" post.

Silly Silly Danielle :D

~B.Z. said...

Retaliatory Muting ... um yeah ... Daniel did that to a friend of mine too.
No warning ... just a nasty convo to my friend who told her off IN THE CONVO .... then " I don't like what you said so I am Muting you ! "

Matt assures me that that kind of thing " Won't happen " anymore. I hope he's got a tight hold on the rains of this mule :P

~B.Z. said...

OOPS, I meant Danielle, not Daniel *giggles*

The Disgruntled One said...

She is a nightmare. Remember her old avatar -- the scowling one? Remember how she didn't state all three of her shops in each profile? Remember?

Stubborn and stupid. How on earth did she get that job?

The Cranky One said...


Just a guess.

27 said...

I'll take Napoleon Complex for 500, Alex.

yeah you right said...

have you seen this accusation of dxo copying